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Let us take care of your feet!
Welcome to Kentucky Foot Professionals. We are a professional service organization that is dedicated to the practice of medicine, specializing in podiatry. The mission of our practice is to provide high quality podiatric medicine at a fair and reasonable cost to those in the Central KY area.
Kentucky Foot Professionals is the homebase for Dr. Chris Bryant who has been in practice in Central Kentucky since 1999. Everyone who works in our facility is well-trained, caring and knowledgeable. Regardless of whether you are looking to address an annoying corn or be evaluated for bunion surgery, we can help.

What We Do

In addition to general foot and ankle care, Kentucky Foot Professionals specializes in athletic podiatry. For those of you who rely on your feet to continue to perform in stressful situations such as sporting events, we provide foot and ankle care maintenance, corrections, and injury prevention. In today's world, especially for athletes, foot and ankle care is essential to success. We provide a complete range of podiatric medicine services, including:
  • State of the art diagnosis
  • Expert corrective treatments
  • Personal care plans
  • Professional advice
  • Rehabilitation treatment
Our friendly team is here to take very special care of you and your family. You will find our clinic in Lexington comfortable and welcoming for children and adults alike.

Our Team

The team at Kentucky Foot Professionals is always happy to answer your questions and help you where we can. Our podiatrist is highly qualified and experienced in podiatric medicine and he will take expert care of your feet. You will feel comfortable and relaxed with your feet in the safe hands of Dr. Bryant.
If you have foot pain or any related conditions or complaints trust Dr. Bryant's specialist team at Kentucky Foot Professionals to take care of your issue. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.
Proudly serving Lexington and Central Kentucky
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